UP TO 20% OFF MSRP RAM 1500 CLASSIC. View Selection

UP TO 20% OFF MSRP RAM 1500 CLASSIC. View Selection

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Are you experiencing credit challenges?

More and more Canadians are realizing that they are experiencing credit challenges, they only realize this when they go to get their new car or mortgage, if you have been turned down for financing by other stores, we can help.

Recent lifestyle changes?

Have you recently gone through an employment change, a household change or marital status change? We can help.

Debt pilling up?

Are the bills staring to build up and you are wanting to address this BEFORE it becomes an issue? Be proactive, not reactive, contact us before it becomes an issue.

Current/ past bankruptcy/ credit proposals?

Did you experience some issues in the past? We understand that things in life happen, we are here to assist you in making those hiccups in life a thing of the past.

New to Canada?

Recently immigrated to Canada? With our fresh start program you can drive a car now.

Fixed income?

On a fixed income and need advice on how you can get a car and what budget works for you?

First time car buyer?

Never bought a car before? We can guide you through the process and get you a car that fits your budget and your needs.